Restore the American Dream
  • All my initiatives boil down to one thing and one thing only: restoring the American Dream. There is rightfully a sense of nostalgia amongst many in our district for the days when one household income could support a family with 2.3 kids, a car, and a house with a white-picket fence. This was a time when OHIO was not only the Heartland but the beating heart of American economic might. This is what we will restore.

High pay, High skill, High dignity
  • Our industrial might is what made America the greatest country on Earth, our grandfathers used it to beat the Nazis and our fathers used it to beat the Communists. Weak and impotent leadership in Columbus and DC allowed our great State's industry to be gutted and sold off to China. It is time we bring high-pay, high-skill, high-dignity industrial jobs strengthened by Ohio Union Labor to restore the beating heart of America to its former glory.

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    This fact can no further be evident than the bustling boom in the tech sector which disproportionately benefits tech companies and venture capitalists in California as well as financial institutions and private equity firms in New York. The manufacturing engine of the Heartland has withered and died thanks to the GOP obstruction and focusing on social wedge issues that do nothing to put food on the table and instill the sense of American pride that our grandparents had. This I will change by actually legislating programs that benefit the 6th and bringing those federal dollars into our district and keep them here to circulate so all in the 6th can prosper.

    The dirty truth is that all the manufacturing jobs of our grandparents are gone and moved off to China and others in the Far East. Unless we are willing to suppress American wages down to $2/hour those jobs aren't coming back here. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. But this does not need to spell doom for the 6th. My top initiative is to bring high-skill, high-pay, high-dignity manufacturing jobs to the 6th. The DACH region and Benelux have shown that western capitalist governments can continue to invest in manufacturing where their workers can enjoy high salaries along with the personal fulfillment of continuous training and education and not only compete, but thrive in the global marketplace. Building off the recent successes in bringing Ultium Cells and the under-construction Intel production facility here to our district, I will direct federal programing to create a advanced materials manufacturing hub in the Ohio River Valley so that this nexus will spawn many innovate high-tech manufacturing small businesses much like our neighbors across the State in Dayton already do with Wright-Patterson AFB.

    The 6th has its heritage in mining and steel, and I intend to bring that heritage back and pull this sector into the 21st century. I was an Air Force Scientist officer, so I've seen through our classified programs a window into the future of what is possible. While CA and NY like to talk about tech and software, I *know* that the biggest roadblock to progress in tech are the chips that they run on. Software is nothing without hardware and the performance improvement of systems be they military or otherwise are overwhelming realized through the advanced manufacturing of hardware and the development of advanced materials. All one has to do is to take go down to the 10th and see what they are doing at WPAFB or the surrounding areas in Beavercreek, Kettering, and Fairborn and see how the programs they are working on can benefit from advanced manufacturing steel from our district. Likewise, the carbon fiber and nanomaterial revolution is nearly upon us only for us to seize with a stroke of the President's pen by authorizing an advanced manufacturing hub in the 6th that takes our coal and rare metal mining and puts them to use in high-skill applications to build the next generation of machines the world can use. If we must mine for coal, why are we listening to the GOP who's only bright idea is to burn this valuable resource.

    Speaking of burning coal, it is high time we rekindle the spirit of the 1940s. As the US Air Force which is near and dear to my heart was born form this era, so was the unleashing of the power of the atom during the Manhattan Project. I refuse to believe we have lost our innovative spirit and will instruct the Dept of Energy to initiate the “Marietta Project” finally directing the full federal funding of a nation-wide program to commercialize fusion energy. A national moonshot program for commercializing fusion will bring unprecedented economic growth to our Nation but more importantly to us, this moonshot will require advanced Ohio Valley steel and advanced rare earth metals and trace gasses from Ohio Valley coal.

    None of this can happen without the mobilization of a highly-skilled and highly-motivated workforce only of which our unions can help mobilize. I will direct the Dept of Labor to develop an unemployment and continuous training scheme that will be managed by sector-wide unions based on NAICS codes or otherwise that will charged, much like in the Dept of Defense, to maintain the well-being of the “Reserve Force” of workers in their sector. This will be done by authorizing unemployment benefits and insurance to be managed through the unions as well as unions being the primary public vessel providing inputs to the Dept of Labor on sector-wide standards of training and education for our highly-skilled workforce of the 21st century. This will encourage union membership and ensure workers will have access to unemployment and healthcare even if laid-off while also have access to training to keep their skills current so that can quickly reenter the workforce.

Empowering those who empower us
  • Strong unions make a strong America. Years of lies and deceit by morally bankrupt politicians have led many Americans to believe that strong unions hurt businesses. It is the opposite: strong unions strengthen the economy and make businesses more successful. It is all about repealing harmful laws that trample on your rights to work with dignity and empowering unions to provide America with the strongest and most empowered workforce in the world — policies I intend to implement.

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    It is a mistake to think that one is either pro-union or pro-business. Businesses thrive with strong unions who provide an empowered, skilled, and motivated workforce. Sector-wide unions with the government's backing of nationwide programs will only benefit businesses. As an Acquisitions Officer, I saw first-hand how businesses often did not compete on operational expenses given the technical nature of Air Force procurement contracts but rather their SG&A efficiency or overhead. By transferring this responsibility to unions, business leaders can focus on making their capital work for their business. Furthermore, the training standards and programs that unions can provide will ensure employers know what type of employee they are hiring and the precise skill level they have ending the dreaded job postings that call for “entry level positions requiring 20 years of experience”. Sector-wide collective bargaining also ensures that mid-size businesses will not have their talent poached on salary alone due to uncompetitive practices of giant VC-backed monopolies. This will also incentivize employers to encourage union membership so that their employees can provide meaningful inputs to sector-wide collective bargaining.

    In office, I will instruct the Dept of Labor to CODIFY STANDARDS FOR HOURLY-WAGE WORKERS that enforce not only an hourly minimum wage but one INDEXED to a 40hr work week. This will ensure hourly employees don't get abused by the two-tier payment systems that keep our citizens chronically underemployed. This is often a bigger problem than unemployment since underemployment doesn't get reported in federal unemployment statistics. A living wage should provide a life worth living. Just as veterans' benefits are automatically indexed to inflation, I will also codify that all the federal benefits to American workers be indexed, to include minimum wage standards. Just because we want to live like our parents in the 1960s, it doesn't mean we should be paid the same nominal wages as them.

Prosperity for our Posterity
  • American values are learned in American schools by American teachers. Education shouldn't be based on a lottery of where you live — all American children deserve the best opportunities to learn to become American adults. Our teachers deserve all the resources they need to make this happen — they have the will, we need to give them the way.

    Restoring our district to greatness starts in our communities. Education builds these communities both inside and outside the school. Well-funded schools and well-funded teachers will ensure our children and our district will prosper well into the future.

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    One of my major initiatives will be to reinvigorate our public education system. Our Founding Fathers stated that the strength of our democracy is directly related to the strength of our education. Gone are the days of creating model citizens instilled with American values active in the civics of their local communities. NCLB and ESSA have diverted authority from teachers to administrators, funding concentrated to “successful” schools and created a generation of kids hyper-focused on STEM or rather “teaching to the test” hyper-focused on merely passing the reading and math sections of the SATs.

    It is high time we reintroduce the “Whole Person Concept” to our education system. This is inspired by how our Military Academies prepare cadets to be become mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to become the next generation of officers. Likewise, our children should be mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to be Americans. I will work with the teachers' unions to make sure that their pay is increased to swell our educator ranks and reduce the teacher-student ratio to proper levels. I will have Congress instruct the Dept of Education to set nationwide standards from the inputs of teachers' unions where these broad standards are then left to the individual states to put “meat on the bones”. This will put the standards of education back in the hands of the most qualified to do so: our teachers. And just as above, teachers will be able to rely on continued professional development through unions ensuring the best educational practices are used on our kids.

    The standards and funding will not be linked to standardized tests but through the Whole Person Concept. Yes, kids will learn the 3 R's but they will also learn STEM, social studies, history and practical life skills. These standards by being set locally will mean Texan teachers cannot stop Ohio kids from learning about our local Ohio leaders like Gen William Tecumseh Sherman and New Yorkers won't be able to say Ohio kids shouldn't learn about difference between chestnuts and buckeyes. I will also work with the Board of Governors to ensure these state and local standards will have a positive feedback loop where individual state university systems will base their admission standards on the Whole Person Concept ensuring the end of “teaching to the test”.

    I will also have Congress authorize block grants for states to ensure kids have free school lunches made from locally grown foods that our farmers grow and free afternoon school programs to focus on the liberal arts be they music, art, or physical fitness and sports. One of my fondest memories of growing up was receiving a Presidential certificate signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger for meeting his standards of fitness. These afternoon programs will not only teach our children practical skills but also engage them in local civics and volunteer work strengthening our local communities. They will also prepare those that want to forgo college to learn trade skills and enter the workforce directly. College should not be an obligation for living a good like in America.

Setting the Living Standards
  • All my opponents like to tout that they are businessmen. As a veteran who ACTUALLY knows how the government works, I am here to tell you that a businessman is the last person you want in Congress. Businesses are built on efficiency; governments are built on robustness. GOP “efficiency” is what destroyed our rural communities and overcrowded our cities destroying Ohio to the benefit of others.

    A robust and resilient America is made with investments in infrastructure. The economic activity that infrastructure creates with more jobs and more opportunity always pays for itself. Each and every one of you in our district deserves clean water, clean air, access to food, electricity, sewage, good roads, public transport, and fast internet — all the basics of a modern society. America is the richest country on this planet, it's about time we start living like it.

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    My opponents like to talk about how they want to construct more freeways and railway stops but we can't afford half measures. I've seen what aimless construction has done to Chinese cities as their local councils go bankrupt saddled with the burden of maintaining these construction projects without any economic activity to fill their coffers. I will not only ensure these roads and railways are completed but work with legislators in the Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh regions to ensure their programs are distributed throughout the region so that not only will the 6th gain in their economic prosperity but the roads and rail that we build will actually be used and have purpose, increasing commercial traffic throughout our region ensuring that our local councils will be able to secure revenue from these flows and fund their local priorities. Which leads me to my other point of interest, which is to bring back a manufacturing hub to Marietta that feeds into the economic prosperity of Cleveland. By doing this, we will ensure commercial flows have a reason to move up and down our district so all in the 6th can share in economic progress and not just Mahoning and Columbiana counties.

    On the note of national infrastructure, I will push for Congress to instruct HUD or other appropriate cabinet agency to set minimum standards for our municipalities to provide the minimum level of public utilities to its citizens to include electricity, heat, water, sewage, and broadband. All these shall be implemented in the vein on anti-monopolistic practices that the DoD has worked hard to implement in their own agency — namely, utility transmission companies cannot be the utility generators or service providers. Or at the very list in cases of limited options for rural areas, Open Access Architecture will be enforced where any utility provider can share and use the same transmission network. There is no reason for any American to live in squalor.

Innovative Farming for the Future
  • Our farmers deserve a Farm Bill that serves them. I will direct funding into agricultural innovation and sustainable farming practices which will lower input costs and be freely available to our farmers to free them from the yoke of BigAg. Rural broadband infrastructure is a necessary and basic undertaking for our farmers to reap the benefits of modern agricultural technology. Its rollout will happen — I will have it no other way.

    You deserve to own the seeds you grow, fix the equipment you use, and own the land you cultivate free from worry of losing it to forces outside your control.

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    To ensure all of the 6th gets to share in the prosperity of my agenda, I will also work with our farmers to fix the failures of the Farm Bill. I will direct the Dept of Agriculture to invest in scientific innovations of sustainable farming practices with specific focus on fertilizer use. Many of our farms in the 6th are running on razor thin margins and the cost of fertilizers is easily 20% of operating expenses.

    One of my major goals will be to fund agricultural R&D in partnership with the University System of Ohio to develop publicly-funded seeds to free our farmers from current IP restrictions on reseeding. Americans shouldn't starve and farmers shouldn't lose their farms all because Monsanto's lawyers tricked some jury in Missouri.

    Vertical farming funding will also introduce a virtuous cycle between our farmers and manufacturers here in the 6th. While we are on moonshot initiatives, I will also instruct the Dept of Interior to devise a plan on the construction of water resource management networks to include aqueducts to remove the threat of flooding in the southern and eastern states while transferring that excess water to the Heartland so our farmers' drought worries will be a thing of the past.

    To maximize the revenue received of our farmers, I will instruct the State Department to increase their USAID outputs to the impoverished nations of the world and particularly those who via the bribing of cheap low-quality Chinese foodstuffs are succumbing to the anti-American Chinese hegemony. These countries we will provide high-quality American food aid as well as to the countries who contribute to our asylum and refugee crisis on our Southern Border.   If $1 of State Dept funding is equivalent to $10 in the Defense Dept, the strengthening of State's budget, increasing the power of our Diplomatic Corps, will give us the biggest bang-for-our-buck in fighting the nefarious interests of China, Russia, and Iran while giving us advanced warning on emerging threats be they military or human migration in nature.

Women's Rights
Your body is NOT up for grabs
  • •   My position on this matter is very simple and I state it without equivocation:
        a woman's body is NOT the domain of the Government.

    •   I will support any action to revive and advance the Equal Rights Amendment.

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    The legal manifestation of my position is best represented by Ohio's recently constitutionally codified “Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety” amendment, i.e. Issue 1. This protects the Right to Life for all women while also ensuring the life of a viable fetus is maintained once it is able to survive outside the womb. However, even during post-viability, the medical exemptions to maintain a mother's life and health even in the later weeks of gestation - irrespective of fetal viability - are of primary importance. This law is a model for the Federal Government to follow if action should be required by Congress to protect women from those that would infringe on their rights. Thus, if the need arises to further advance this cause, I will support it; if an attempt to hinder, I will oppose.

    That being said, it is also important for Congress to work with the Executive Branch to claw back some of the recent advances of reactionary forces made on the judicial front. As a lawmaker, I will work with the Department of Justice and amici curiae to advance legal thought, maintaining the rights of women and the conservative principles of “a small and limited government”. One of the main issues being that discrimination based on sex is merely an “intermediate scrutiny” standard.

    I have a vested interest in elevating this standard up to “strict scrutiny”. Therefore, I will support any action to revive and advance the Equal Rights Amendment so that the Constitution enshrines women's rights to its rightful place as a fundamental right, forcing SCOTUS to adjudicate all matters of sex discrimination at the “strict scrutiny” standard.

    For more details on my judicial philosophy please see my publicly released response to the National Pro-Life Alliance Candidate Survey.

National Security
Against all enemies, foreign...
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Election Integrity
... and Domestic
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All my initiatives boil down to one thing and this is restoring the American Dream. There was a time when Ohio was not only the Heartland but the beating heart of American economic might. It is this that I want to restore.

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