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Allow me to re-introduce myself.

My name is Michael L. Kripchak. My mom is a retired union elementary school teacher, my dad is a US Army veteran and a retired union police officer. I was born and raised in Youngstown, OH where I graduated co-valedictorian from Chaney High School in 2000.

I attended the US Air Force Academy, majoring in Physics with minors in Mathematics and Japanese. I graduated in 2004 with Distinguished Graduate honors (cum laude), was commissioned a 2nd Lt in the US Air Force, and was then stationed at the AF Research Laboratory at Hanscom Air Force Base, MA, as a research science and acquisitions officer. There I was a member of the Honor Guard serving the entire New England region. Apart from Classified programs and other duties, I worked in the Air Force's quantum computing initiatives where I designed real-time visualizations for the research and development of advanced weapon systems. Managing over $1 million in federal funding, I oversaw the transition of several advanced capabilities to our men and women deployed overseas fighting the War on Terror.

I separated from the USAF in 2007 returning home to Youngstown for a few years before moving out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, where I did acting, writing, and producing.

I also studied at Santa Monica College in arts and business. Afterwards, I received my Master's degree at NYU-Tisch in 2016 in Interactive Telecommunications with a focus in virtual reality and augmented reality. While at grad school, I co-founded a start-up with several classmates focused on electronic signal location tracking, including work with aerial drones. As Head of Partnerships I was responsible for securing funding through investors and incubators, as well as client outreach.

Searching for the right market for our company's services brought us to Erie, PA, in 2019 as part of a local business incubator, where we started work with local manufacturers on equipment tracking and production efficiency solutions. Covid-19 brought our venture to a close, though, and I moved back home to Youngstown to help my parents as they went through a few medical procedures.

I decided to make this run for Congress because too many patriots, civilian and military, have died to help our country get to this position as a world leader that stands for Freedom. Extreme wealth gaps destroy societies and we need to start letting our people know that they are more valuable than the dollars they earn at work. Firstly, we need to leverage the progress we've made in reestablishing our manufacturing roots (Ultium Cells, Intel, additive manufacturing) bringing further advanced technology manufacturing jobs to the area. This will be accomplished by establishing an Ohio River Valley Innovation District that encourages small business development in order to "lock-in" advanced manufacturers to our District so they never leave again.

Our second mission is to reinvigorate our PreK-12 education by removing the "teaching to the test" paradigm that hampers teachers' ability to actually educate our kids. We will replace this with the "Whole Person Concept," getting kids ready for the modern world, including practical life skills. Primary for this goal is to bring back civics education but take it from the classroom to the community. We want to get kids out into the community, working with local volunteer organizations for leadership, mentorship, and so they can learn what it means to serve.

Thirdly, I will free our farmers from BigAg control: they are entitled to own the seeds they grow, fix the equipment they use, and keep the land they work free from the threat of BigAg. We need to help our nation's farmers with a Farm Bill that gives our farmers a profit that enables their families to thrive. This effort includes developing new seed strains with Ohio public research universities so they aren't beholden to companies like Monsanto, and to help them escape from the debt spiral in which many are trapped.

Trained by the military to always be above politics, I am now choosing to run because it feels like our Republic is on the brink of collapse or breaking bad. Looking through history, wealth gaps destroy societies. The US currently has the largest wealth gap in its history. Thus, my main goal is to close this gap and restore the American Dream.

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The upcoming elections are not about choosing a politician or a party, it is about choosing the right person to send to Congress who will fight for your interests. You can help the cause by spreading the word, by talking to me and sharing your ideas, or by donating . To make all of this happen, I need your voice, I need your support.

Michael L. Kripchak

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