Week 03 HW: 3 Personas

Persona 1 – Joe

5’5”, 70s retired police officer with nerve damage in his right leg from a bad hip surgery. It’s difficult for him to lean over and near impossible for him to bend at the knee. He loves his animals (he and my mom have 3 cats and 1 small kitten) and he is often outside setting food for the birds, squirrels, and stray cats in the neighborhood. He’s “stuck in his ways” for many of his life habits. Joe likes watching the Hallmark Channel and Fox News, and is a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan but doesn’t really care about other sports.

Meaningful Product:

For my dad, I wanted to make something that could help him with his daily “zoo keeper” routine. My mind immediately jumped to creating a device that would help him with the kitty litter. I looked and could only find one long-arm kitty litter scoop on Amazon, which surprised me.

I want to also try and design a better scoop. One that takes into account hand position and uses that force more effectively.



Persona 2 – Ethel

5”3, 70s retired reading specialist elementary school teacher. She likes to stay active by walking and taking dance classes, but twisted her knee and has been unable to do either for half-a-year. She spends a lot of time worrying about her two sons, especially the NYU graduate student. He tends to get really busy and not return (or see) her messages.

Meaningful Product:

So (aside from simply being a better son and calling my mother more) I wanted to create a solution for this pesky “son not calling me” situation. For this, I came up with the idea of an app called “check-in.”

When my mom does get worried, she mainly wants to know that I’m alive and she wants an idea of what I’m up to. With the app, my mom can open it up and click the big “I’m worried!” button. I would then get an alert specifically from this application saying, “You need to check-in with your mom!”. I can open the app, click the big “check-in” button, and it will send my mom a note saying, “I’m alive!” along with my gps coordinates and a picture.


Persona 3 – Jim

Mid-30s restaurant manager and occasional server. At 21 was a founding member of a band that, until recently, still managed to get gigs and rehearse regularly. He runs regularly through Mill Creek Park, enjoys taking pictures of the scenery, and recording/jotting down the occasional verse when inspiration sparks. Living within walking distance to the metropark is one of his house/apartment requirements. As a huge fighting game and “arcade rat” in the 90s, he’s been in love with the fighting games on XBox, is one of the top 25 Killer Instinct players in America and regularly stays up too late playing. Recently, he’s been playing a lot of PUBG (“a slow-paced, sneaking game to balance out KI”) which has been keeping him up later.

Meaningful Product:

For Jim I wanted to create an app that let him quickly record lyrics and easily match them with a picture and a recording. But I realized that it was very similar to the app (at a functional level) I would make for my mom. Also, as I wrote his persona, I realized that he may need a device to help him go to bed at a reasonable hour than he needs a recording app.

I thought at first of an hour-glass app – but realized measuring grains of sand could be difficult. I then thought of an item similar to the cube I designed for our “counting clients”. This item would have an internal timer that reset when it was flipped over. Maybe no display, and it plays a tune when an hour has passed. I’d like to slap this to one side of an hourglass.

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