Week 2 – Geological Engineering: Systems Mapping

This week we worked on our systems map for our research topic and here were my results:

Systems my topic may sit inside of and overlap with:

-Architecture               -Ecology

-Civil Engineering      -Economic/Financial

-Biology                       -Energy

-Infrastructure           -Construction

-Political                   -_____________

3 Relevant Texts:


2 Experts:

-Structural Engineer

-Horizontal Drill Operator

Along with my Structural Engineer contact from last week, I reached out to my brother (an Air Force officer) for any leads to people related to the field. He suggested David Bird, who is a horizontal driller and a friend from his time in Alaska. David has worked all around the states as one of three certified operators of a specialized horizontal drill.

Propose a project and make 3 iterative sketches/alternatives:

Ummm….. Hmmmm….. With the dirt and the mud and my experts and just simply living in a concrete paradise, I want to do something about pushing through layers. or a winding pipe in the ground. Something about how this field of study crosses into so many others.

Articulate the connections between media, audience and context: DESIGN A “CALL”

Hm. I don’t have an issue to call TO yet. Argh…

Media, Audience and Context are inter-operating pieces that need to communicate to, about, and from each other to be effective. Any piece can be manipulated “to shape” and “by shaping” the others.

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