Week 1 – Geological Engineering: Initial Research

Our first research topics for class were chosen at random. My topic is Geological Engineering (also written as Engineering Geology).

I began with the mandatory Wikipedia search, and after a few moments of distress figuring out the difference between Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering (there is none), I had a cursory understanding.

Geological Engineering, what is it?

Basically, the application of engineering principles with respect to the past, current, and future geological and ecological systems at a location. Practically speaking, this field of study touches on all the systems of construction, infrastructure, development and maintenance.

What are the main components or issues? How can you break it down? What is it connected to? Who are the experts?


Create something physical, and get inside of your topic


First Resource, Get!!

A friend of mine is a mechanical engineer, after seeing how broad this field is, I reached out to him. He then connected me with a coworker that works more directly with the geological concerns of the company’s projects.

Visual Project

This week I had a “strong” reaction to the Michael Warner Publics and Counterpublics reading. And I started putting together an “artistic response.”

….. Ok, I don’t really know what that means. But I’m really bad with this stuff and still putting it together… TBD


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