Week 02 Assignments

Walter Murch’s In the Blink of an Eye:

I had heard of Walter Murch before, but never read In the Blink of an Eye. I really got a lot out of his perspective. It was interesting taking something that is normal for the audience and analyzing how the details of a cut affect people. This “open-minded” perspective of analyzing why cuts work at all, is my biggest takeaway for VR. We almost need to reanalyze what parts of the scene/experience in VR are affecting the viewer and then see what techniques can affect them successfully – as we have learned for traditional film.

Jessica Brillhart:

She has done a lot of great work in evolving VR vocabulary. Her “match on attention” and overhead view to plot out different attention points seem really natural ways to analyze the 360-film space.

360 footage:

For this week, we paired-up to shoot some stationary 360 footage. I was paired with Mary from Grad Film. We chose to shoot in a skate park and also got some footage from beneath the pier/dock nearby.




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