Week 01 Assignments

La Jetée:

I previously watched this at the beginning of the semester and the similarity of the story to 12 Monkeys is what stuck out the most to me. The visuals (or at least cinematographic style) and tone felt very similar to George Lucas’s original (student) Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB

Rewatching it further into the semester (to finally write blog posts. hi!) and taking the time to look further into Chris Marker, I understand better how this piece and the essay format lend themselves to VR. La Jetée now takes my mind to the idea of building out a similar VR experience.  It would use the same motif of “trapped/solitary life” and “limited/confined experiences when time traveling” that La Jetée and 12 Monkeys both use.

The “film essay” form lends itself well to HMD (head mounted display) viewing experiences with respect to length. And the “short story film” isn’t that far of a stretch from well respected TV (The Wires and Breaking Bads of the world) in terms of episode length.

I also had the thought of trying an experiment of changing frame size. If you want the viewer to look at pictures, just show a picture. Black everything else out. Then, perhaps, the immersive scenes would feel that way with a purpose. It’s an idea I wanted to use for a scary story in VR. Maybe it would be jarring…. blah, add it to the list.

Photo Roman:

My photo roman documents the move to my new apartment. I got to watch Christina’s before I cut this together. From watching hers, I knew to slow down the pace of cuts and the voice over.




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