Week 04: Conducting My Museum Workshop

My partner to practice this workshop with was Ari Melenciano. We participated in each other’s workshops, and here is a link to her class blog:


Below is a link to the slide deck that I used for my museum workshop. In full disclosure, we actually didn’t have time to meet. We conducted the workshops over phone and through emails.


Ari chose to use emoji texts for her artistic medium:

Feedback from Taeyoon: 

Speaking with Taeyoon after the semester, he illuminated some of the feedback he gave me in class. We didn’t seem to see eye-to-eye on my workshop. I felt I was providing a great opportunity for exposure to the arts for a demographic that typically does not receive must exposure or instruction. And also that a lot of the “revolutionaries” of art used tools that weren’t considered normal at their time, and they also used the normal tools in unique ways – in order to create their own artistic expression.

He made the very valid point that the phrasing and focus of my workshop had a great influence on that goal. He noted that given the way I described the workshop in class, it was almost as if all things produced through media can be considered art. This was opposed to my intent of saying these tools CAN be used to create artistic expression.

Subtle difference, but very important.


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