Week 03: Museum Workshop

Museum Chosen: Whitney Museum of American Art

Current Education Program:

I was surprised to find the many different options for enrichment that the Whitney offers the community. Along with special needs education services and tours, they also work with several community organizations in the city.

While many of the programs at the museum itself seem to require admission, the teens open studio seems to be a fully free of charge event. I mention that in specific because the program I’d like to design is for disadvantaged neighborhoods in NYC.

The museum also seems to have programs for many different demographics and purposes. There are programs offered through schools, open studio sessions, artist talks, programs designed around the LGBT community and the ESL community.

My Workshop:

The intended outcome of my workshop is to expose communities who typically don’t have the opportunity to modern and abstract art concepts, to instill an understanding of the “why” of this field of art, and that they can produce these works themselves. The objective would be for students to produce an “abstract” work of art, on their own or in groups, using their desired medium.

This workshop was inspired by the “Painting in the ’80s” exhibition currently on display at the Whitney. I started asking what works of art would represent our current decade. That thought, combined with my befuddlement as to what makes some “modern” pieces art, grew into the lesson.

The workshop would open with a brief lesson on what modern art is, how it grew out of traditional art, and the different motivations that drive artists and their mediums of choice.

The second part would break the students into smaller groups and be a guided discussion into the different ways the students are already making artworks through their different smartphone, social media, and internet tools that are popular today.

The third part would introduce simple editing tools that can be used to work with more creative freedom with the students’ media.

Now is when groups and teams would break out to gather materials for their art pieces and begin putting them together, with staff to help the process along.

The workshop would end with presentations and displays of the artworks – from those that are willing to, or course.


3-4 Hours (One session long for the whole lesson, but held over several weekends if students wanted to expand on their work.


Grades 7-12, low income, as risk


Be the Art! Making Modern Art Yours

Modern art is weird. I don’t understand what this means. Is this even art? If you’ve seen “works of art” and had these thoughts, you’re not alone. Come find out how artists express themselves in unique ways once they broke free from just copying the world around them. And learn how to use the artwork you already make (your selfies, music.ly’s, texts, snapchats, music) to show everyone how you see the world.


Resources in staff and hardware would be the biggest limitations. The Whitney seems to have an established relationship with many communities, so a location seems doable. Providing the hardware and skills expertise to staff several workstations and groups is a touch unrealistic…

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