Week 01: Learning Map

-Picture 1: I like to know where I’m headed on projects. I think it’s mainly so I know where to aim the information I’m about to learn. What that exposure is can actually vary from topic to topic. Again, it’s more of a pointer than anything else.

-Picture 2: The guided instruction piece is what’s most important for me. When I’m learning about something I often have a lot of questions. It’s often difficult for me to attain answers that I’m comfortable with unless I can bounce them off of someone with a deep understanding of the topic.

-Picture 3: When I want to learn something I like to deep-dive. This can come about through questions, problem sets, and examples that are at the extremes of the topic being discussed (ex. using a just learned mathematics rule but applied to a physics-case or an “exception to the rule” example.)

-Picture 4:┬áThe lack of this step really holds-up my learning for many topics. I get very frustrated if I hit walls that I feel can be overcome with a more informed perspective (ie. best practices for approaching a comp sci problem, or what connections can be made between my tools and the problem at hand). It’s actually very debilitating and makes me lose motivation to keep pushing at a problem. It may have something to do with the lack of efficiency in banging your head (needlessly?) against the wall when a single sentence could clear everything up.

It’s a problem I’m conscious of that I work to circumvent.


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